Developing Smart Solutions for Indoor Growers

Smart Grow Technologies PARMAX Professional Series induction grow lamps custom phosphor blend provides a full spectrum of PAR plant light.

Our R&D team for the past year has pushed the envelope in developing innovative grow lamp solutions using cutting edge components. COMING next week is our new PARMAX LED Pro Panels

The LED lighting solution: NEW LED panels create a full spectrum of 90% usable PAR light. Full Spectrum LED diodes down the middle and FAR red spectrum of LED diodes on each side provide plants the light they need for maximum results. After the extensive R&D process, our new PARMAX Pro LED Panels take plant lighting to the next level, whether you’re interested in growing plants indoors with grow lights, hydroponic grow lights, greenhouse grow lights, or simply plant lights indoors in general, Smart Grow Lamps Hybrid LED/Induction Garden Grow Lights are the best choice. Please check back to learn more about these exciting new products

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